Who We Are

Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility provides state of the art facilities to support multidisciplinary clinical research locally, nationally and internationally.

A joint venture between University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, Edinburgh CRF was one of only five facilities in the UK to receive Wellcome Trust Millennium funding.
Our Scientific Cores and Specialist support teams have over fifteen years’ experience in supporting high quality, high impact research.
Welcome to Edinburgh CRF

MHRA Phase I Accreditation and Quality Assurance

In July 2011, we became the first academic non-commercial clinical research facility in the UK to receive accreditation under the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Phase I Scheme . Our tried and tested Quality Assurance system ensures that your study will be conducted in line with current governance and regulatory requirements.

Our Directors

David Newby | CRF Director

"I am keen to help investigators across all disciplines to achieve excellence in clinical research, and particularly to rise to the challenges demanded by cutting-edge experimental medicine studies."

David initially used the facility as a Principal Investigator, undertaking numerous experimental medicine studies funded principally by the British Heart Foundation. He became co-director of the facility shortly after the turn of the millennium. He has overseen numerous developments and in particular initiated the facility’s application for accreditation under the MHRA Phase I Scheme .

He also led the development of advanced imaging for experimental medicine applications and established the Clinical Research Imaging Centre which he co-directs with Professor Edwin van Beek.

Peter Hayes | CRF Director

"As a very experienced clinical researcher I fully understand the importance of the team approach to well-run research as well as the importance of encouraging motivated individuals. Setting priorities for the unit as it gets busier is important."

Peter has been part of Edinburgh CRF management since it opened and has shared director duties with David for many years. Part of his remit is to facilitate the smooth running of the facility and promote its use by the many researchers in Edinburgh.

He also chairs the Phase I committee which oversees the increasing portfolio of Phase I activity running in Edinburgh CRF.

Steve Cunningham | Children’s CRF Director and CRF Associate Director

“Embedding research in clinical practice is vital – and the CRF facilities in Edinburgh help make that happen, not just for our large international projects, but as pilot studies to build clinical trials for the future"

Steve joined the CRF management team in 2016 having helped develop the portfolio of studies at the Children’s CRF, including those leading to MHRA Phase I accreditation for children – the first standalone Phase I children’s CRF in the UK. Steve leads national and international trials in children’s respiratory research.

Craig Ritchie | CRF Associate Director

“I am committed to maintaining and expanding the quality research that goes on at Edinburgh CRF. Our facilities in Edinburgh for applied translational research in areas such as dementia will be second to none."

Craig joined the CRF management team in 2016 having previously utilised the unit facilities as a Principal Investigator to support a portfolio of studies.

Craig is Director of the Centre for Dementia Prevention and leads a number of large dementia projects including the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) initiative and the PREVENT programme.

Steve McSwiggan | CRF Deputy Director

“The Edinburgh CRFs exist to support researchers in delivering quality-assured clinical research that will drive improvements in future health care. I am keen to discuss how we can support your research ideas and facilitate delivery of your planned activity within our first class facilities. If you have any queries on how we may help you please just get in touch.”

Steve has responsibility for the direct delivery of Edinburgh CRFs across its three hospital sites. Steve has many years’ experience working in a variety of clinical research roles, including acting as Principal Investigator on multi-centre studies, helping design clinical trials, completing regulatory submissions as a Senior Trials Manager and leading a commercial research team in a busy NHS R&D office.